Phi KapBrothers participating in Dance Marthon benefiting the Children's Hospital Miracle Network
Phi Kap Brothers participating in Dance Marthon benefiting the Children’s Hospital Miracle Network

“Brotherhood is more than skin deep”

Brothers are chosen based on the worth of their character, not religion, race, or wealth


“Once a Phi Kap, always a Phi Kap”

Phi Kappa Sigma is a lifelong commitment, not limited to college years.


“Stellis Aequus Durando”

Latin for “equal to the stars in endurance”, this motto honors the many tribulations Phi Kappa Sigma has survived, and its determination to overcome future challenges”


“Men of Honor Since 1850”

Phi Kappa Sigma was established in 1850 and has always enforced the idea of “Men of Honor”